ALTRAC ยท 2023

In 2023, the Alabama House tried to take away our rights. With your help, they failed โ€” but our struggle isn't over.

2023's legislative session has come to an end and thankfully the worst anti-trans bills did not pass the house. Unfortunately, the legislature can and likely will try again in 2024. If you'd like to assist us in defending trans rights, please sign up for our email updates!

Sign up for email updates Below is a summary of the very worst anti-trans bills the legislature concocted in 2023.

HB405, the "What is a Woman" Act, attempted to enshrine medically inaccurate definitions of "male" and "female" into the very first section of the Alabama code. It would be used to deny trans folks the ability to change their gender markers on their legal documents, and as the basis for bathroom restrictions. It would force trans men into women's prisons and trans women into men's prisons โ€” and with our understaffed jail and prison system, that could mean a death sentence just for trying to use the right bathroom in public. It also would have definitionally erased intersex people, hinting to vague "disability accomodations", the consequences of which were not considered.

HB401 purported to just be a ban on drag performances โ€” but in practice, it would be used to harass trans people just living their daily lives. The bill classified "male and female impersonators" as a public nuisance, which is especially dangerous when read in combination with HB405. It was unnecessary, endangered trans people, and would have solved no problems if passed.

HB354 attempted to extend the state's "Don't Say Gay" law, which would have further isolated queer youth at an already vulnerable time in their lives.

Please write or call your legislator and tell them that queer people belong in Alabama, and that you oppose these bills! Tell them you don't want bills like these ever!