Alabama Transgender Rights Action Coalition

The Alabama House is trying to take away our rights. We need your help to stop them — here's how.

Last year, thanks to your efforts, the "What is a Woman" Act, then known as HB405, did not pass the house. But now, House Bill 111 and Senate Bill 92 have been introduced, apparently with the same goals as last year — and with the same problems. And, moreover, the proposed HB130 aims to expand Alabama's "Don't Say Gay" policy.

HB111 and SB92 comprise this year’s iteration of the “What is a Woman” Act from 2023. They are being introduced simultaneously, presumably with the goal of pushing the legislation through faster. They unnecessarily enshrine medically-inaccurate definitions of “male” and “female” into state law, and end legal recognition for intersex people. They would serve as the basis for bathroom restrictions based not on gender presentation, but on sex assigned at birth. They would force trans men into women's prisons and trans women into men's prisons — and with our understaffed jail and prison system, that could mean a death sentence just for trying to use the right bathroom in public.

HB130 builds on existing law that prevents teachers from teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity prior to sixth grade. If it is passed, teachers in K-12 schools wouldn’t be allowed to mention that queer or trans people even exist — and that includes kindergarten teachers all the way through high school. Moreover, the bill is written so vaguely that all mentions of "sexual orientation or gender identity" are banned — effectively banning all sex education in Alabama public K-12 schools.

Please write or call the legislature and tell them that trans people belong in Alabama, and that you oppose these bills! The legislature is moving very quickly this session to get bad bills through without scrutiny or challenge by the people of Alabama. Now is our time to speak out! Show them we won't be drowned out!

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